B-POLARITY is a self created pseudonym for expressing positive and negative moods in every human life utilizing the form of electronic music. Perhaps every human being on earth has experienced different emotional episodes.

On the one hand, everyone knows feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger and isolation. On the other hand, opposite emotional moods such as energetic and euphoric feelings, as well as some moments of overflowing with new ideas, are not out of the ordinary in human's life.

B-POLARITY is a project created with the specific purpose to express the nuances of such episodes in human life with musical articulation. With music the mankind as a whole is able to find his own mental life balance.

The name B-POLARITY was invented by me years ago. I have been producing music since 20 years and have been inspired and influenced by a wide variety of electronic music.

My intension is not to be constrained by genres and categories. Those categories are essentially meaningless labels that only serve to constrict creativity. Certainly I have to admit that my favorite genres are all forms of "Vocal Trance", "Vocal Big Room" and "Vocal House". But I like and always listen to all forms of "Electronic Dance Music" (EDM), from underground to commercial stuff placed in pop charts. Because of my passion I cannot control I founded my own company B-SONIC MUSIC.

I have previously created music with many types of hardware equipment. Because of the well known increasing power of "Digital Audio Workstations" (DAW’s) from year to year, I finally decided to mostly abandon hardware music equipment and as a last step I throw all my hardware overboard. Only a few classic synths survived.

B-Sonic Music

B-SONIC MUSIC was founded by me in May 2013 and describes the positive and negative moods in every human life during listening to all possible styles of BIG ROOM, CHILL-OUT, EDM, PROGRESSIVE & TRANCE. In my opinion these genres are surrounding emotional episodes at its best.

B-SONIC MUSIC was my dream since more than 20 years, long before B-POLARITY itself. I am always happy to communicate with new people in the music business. Additionally I am very satisfied about releasing massive tracks of other talented people. B-SONIC MUSIC was the consequence doing this with a full passionate state of mind.

B-SONIC MUSIC covers mostly all sub genres, formed into 4 sub labels marked with different colors to be easily noticed and identified by the audience. Additionally B-SONIC MUSIC has it's own weekly radio show on Party103 and is growing from strength to strength.

External experts are forecasting that B-SONIC MUSIC will have a successful future. Because I do not believe in forecasted situations, I am only doing what I always dreamt of, running a music company 24|7|365 with "passion for happiness".