B-POLARITY is a self created project for expressing positive and negative moods in every human life utilizing the form of electronic music in general. The name was created with the specific purpose to express the nuances of different moods in human life with musical articulation.

B-POLARITY is producing music since more than 20 years and has been inspired and influenced by a wide variety of electronic music.

His intension is not to be constrained by genres and categories. Those categories are essentially meaningless labels that only serve to constrict creativity. Certainly he has to admit that his favorite genres are all forms of "Vocal Trance", "Vocal Big Room" and "Vocal House". But he likes and always listens to all forms of "Electronic Dance Music" (EDM), from underground to commercial stuff placed in pop charts. Because of his passion he cannot control he founded his own company B-SONIC MUSIC.

B-Sonic Music

The German company B-SONIC MUSIC was founded by B-POLARITY in May 2013 and is based on 5 music labels, additionally offering cd production, mastering, radio show production and online events. The releases on B-SONIC MUSIC describe all possible moods (anger, anxiety, energy, euphoria, guilt and sadness) during the listening to all styles of BIG ROOM, CHILL-OUT, EDM, PROGRESSIVE and TRANCE.

B-SONIC MUSIC covers mostly all EDM sub genres. The company's own radio show is running weekly on RauteMusik.FM.

B-POLARITY is only doing what he always dreamt of, running a music company 24|7|365 with "PassionForHappiness".